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Be fully knowledgeable on Card Payment Schemes Best Practices

Meet all technical requirements designed to protect cardholder data

Pick a payment solution that is right for you

We offer innovative solutions for payment card processing

We offer a different type of Solution

With a wide range of innovative card related services, our mission is to enable banks and financial institutions to focus on the core of card business and adhere to Card Business Best Practices."We are committed to a culture of innovation and creative thinking."


more than 5.5M cards

Our platform hosts more than 5.5 million cards under private labels, AMEX, MasterCard, UPI and Visa brands.


Across 21 countries

Our main clients are from Africa.



A highly scalable processing platform as service.

ICPS addresses all the challenges faced by banks in its quest to issue any type of cards with secure online payment functionality.

ICPS provides to its customer EMV/PCI solutions to deploy POS & MPOS as well as ATMs and Mobile payment solutions.

We nurture creativity and innovation taking into consideration best practices and IT Security.