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Debit cards

  • Convenient and safer than cash, our debit cards offer fast payment on all POS/MPOS.

Credit cards

  • Increase customers’ spending power, prestige and global reach.
  • Allow flexibility of payment.

Fleet Card Issuance

  • An easy way to pay your fuel costs with monthly expenditure and exception reports.
  • Our Corporate offer allows companies to group and analyse fleet spending by categories.

Prepaid Card

Our Prepaid Solution provides an end-to-end solution to manage any type of prepaid cards.
Fully integrated with solutions and modules, it benefits from all the key functions required to run a card business. It can be interfaced with any of your existing channels to process prepaid card services.


  • Multi-currency management
  • Stock management
  • Clearing and settlement via PowerCARD Prepaid Card Platform
  • Fraud Management

Instalment Loan

  • Ability to apply for a commercial instalment loan via the POS machine without having to go to the bank’s branch.