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Focused on Electronic Payment Projects with Payment Schemes, we specialise in delivering personalised training to enhance your comprehension and mastery of Card Business fundamentals. Our training is designed to make your investment in time and cost truly worthwhile.

Explore our extensive payment industry training offerings, which encompass courses on different versions of PowerCARD. Choose from our standard catalogue or opt for customised programs tailored to meet your unique needs:

  • Introduction to the Payment Industry
  • Settlement and reconciliation process with Visa/Mastercard Networks
  • Card business accounting process/network fees and reporting
  • The card business P&L
  • Card dispute management
  • Compliance management with the Networks
  • Managing customer experience and expectations
  • Information security fundamentals, best practices, and framework
  • Payment industry norms and standards
  • PowerCARD solutions and key features (PowerCARD-Issuer, PowerCARD-Acquirer, PowerCARD-
    Switch, PowerCARD-Fraud, PowerCARD-xPOS, PowerCARD-ATM, and more)

eAcademy Platform

Explore the future of payment education through our state-of-the-art eAcademy platform . Designed to cater to all profiles, it offers a seamless learning experience and serves as your key to mastering the intricacies of the payment industry. Email us at to find out more.